How do you know what size socks to buy?

How do you know what size socks to buy?
Sock sizing is an odd thing. To be frank, sock sizes can get confusing; numbers, letters, measurements...but what does it all mean? The socks are listed with the label’s sizing while purchasing them. When a label says “size 10-13”, it doesn’t mean shoe size. This range is typically intended to fit US men’s shoe sizes 6-12 or something close to that. And we all know that it isn’t always true by our experience. That tends to trip people up about sock sizing.

You may be ask how I determine my sock size. But I’d like to ask whether you know your shoe sizes. If yes, that’s the easiest way to figure out your sock size. Here’s how those sock sizes convert to shoe sizes:

Tip: Above information is just for your reference. Be sure to check the size charts for the specific sock you’re interested in because sizing differs between brands. Each brand also has its own corresponding size chart!
For many of us, socks are a small, but a must part of our daily life. We wear them to protect our feet and show off our style. Like shoes, it is important that our socks are well constructed and fit comfortably. We share here the experiences on how to choose the socks, what socks will be fit for us, how to let socks match clothes, what relationship is between socks and foot health, etc. We do hope all of us can find better and more suitable socks.